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Windows 10 PRO PT-BR x32 ISO Torrent Download

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Dies ist eine offizielle Windows 10 PRO X32 ISO in Portugus do Brasil, veröffentlicht am 29.07.2015.

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– Die besten Software-Starts!


Windows 10 X64 Enterprise LTSB Office 2019 en-US DEC 2020 {Gen2} Download

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Windows 10 X64 Enterprise 2016 LTSB en-US DEC 2020

Issue 1607 Construction

Office ProPlus 2019 is included

* File:

* Size: 4.27GB

* Format: Removable ISO

* SOURCE: dvd-9059483

* CRC32: 39b7af79

* MD5: 252999db39471faa1dd6db8f9ad8069b

* SHA-1: 1c82744270713ab30def717afa67fdb70e279b12

Included / Pre-installed:

* Office 2019 Pro Plus VL 64bit

* Power updates:

* KB4013419

* KB4039556

* Update pile updates:

* KB4576750

* Add:

* KB4593226

NET system

NET System:

* KB4486129

* Total update of

NET a:

* KB4585207

* Adobe Flash Player removal update:

* KB4577586

InstallComplete / Install Post:

* Protector updates


* Windows 10 Business 2016 LTSB

* Office 2019 Pro Plus VL

* Operators: HWID and KMS Online

* Ready for UEFI

* (Use Rufus USB-enabled tool to make UEFI boot)

* press for recovery () format

* Create bootable USB (highly recommended) with Rufus,

* (attached) or burned to DVD-R at low speed.

* Windows_Addict, Author of Windows Authorization Certificate

* Hope you enjoy this release!


* Generation2

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 X64 in US MAY 2021

Version 1809

* File:

* Size: 3.60GB

* Format: Removable ISO

* CRC32: 3809e573

* MD5: 5a950bc764d2dc9c8be9989e9b58ec9c

* SHA-1: 5b6272be1e634e3b18c98930cb7eaf1d65002c00

Included / Pre-installed:

* Update pile updates:

* KB5003243

* Total updates:

* KB5003217

* NET system

* NET System:

* KB4486153

* Total update of

* NET system and:

* KB5003255

* Adobe Flash Player removal update:

* KB4577586


* Windows 10 LTSC Business 2019

* Activated with digital license (HWID)

* Ready for UEFI

* (Use Rufus USB-enabled tool to make UEFI boot)

* Search and rescue team (only)

* press for recovery () format

* Create bootable USB (highly recommended) with Rufus,

* (attached) or burned to DVD-R at low speed.

* Windows_Addict, writer of Windows authorization certificate

* Hope you enjoy this release!


* Generation2

Windows 10 Gamer Edition Pro Lite Download Torrent

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Windows 10 Gamer Edition Pro Lite by RATON


, – ~ ^ ^ -, _,

//; ^, /

/ / / /

/ / / /

/ / / /

/,.-:”–__ / / /

_, .- ^ ^

/ ^ / /:..___.;

/ / / ^ /

/ / / /

/ / / /

/_,.–:^ / /

^^: ^ (RATON)

Windows 10 Gamer Edition Pro Lite by Raton

PuTTY torrent

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A free tool for PuTTY developers is free open source data, a terminal emulator, and a serial console for Windows. It supports various network protocols to establish a secure connection for the transmission of confidential information. Created by Simon Tatum, it is already supported by developers around the world. It offers a command line interface that you can customize to suit your requirements. Cross-platform software is available with source code, it can be downloaded and on a Mac – is it PuTTY? PuTTY is free, open source software for Windows devices that allows users to transfer data securely and securely. The client uses various file transfer protocols such as SCP, SSH, SFTP and Rlogin to encrypt data and protect it from unauthorized access (function (({) (‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Developed by Simon Tatum, it is seen not only as a file transfer tool, but also as a terminal emulator and serial console. After development, the application was improved by various developers, thus ensuring that this version is very complex, and the tool comes with a command line interface (CLI), known for its ability to manage important functions. This program looks like a comprehensive SSH terminal, so users can easily establish a secure data connection. It also provides support for all SSH clients, and what is PuTTY used for? Nowadays, many engineers, developers, and system administrators need to connect to remote systems on a regular basis. However, Microsoft does not offer a tool for this purpose. This software allows users to connect to switches, routers, mainframes and servers via SSH, and serial software is quite convenient, especially when working with the public Internet. Thus, it tunnels user sessions usingvarious clients such as PSCP, PSFTP and Telnet protects data from prying eyes. It is also quite useful for a text program that uses different protocols to ensure that data does not fall into the hands of hackers and is transmitted to the destination without any interruptions. It uses cryptographic ciphers such as 3DES, DES, Arcfour and key authentication to provide maximum protection and configuration. After downloading and installing this on your Windows computer, you will find a program that is easy to set up. You can change its color, appearance, controls, and behavior. While some users may prefer a graphical user interface, this tool offers CLIgiving experts better control over experienced beginners, you can easily customize it for network connections. You can get started by specifying the connection type, destination, hostname, log file, and more. You can even put aside data that requires checking when you have the software, and offers various settings that give you better control over them. You can select different emulator settings for terminal settings, assign functions to different keys, and control proxy usage as needed. You can also support terminal calls and modify advanced terminal emulation. With this tool, you can easily boot another operating system on your device. As a terminal emulator, the program allows you to host another operating system that you would not otherwise have access to due to platform limitations. In addition, the software is quite useful when working with Android, Unix, Mac and iOS applications on your Windows data protection. When you download this program, it uses cryptographic ciphers to ensure that the data remains secure and safe from hackers. This is free open source softwareThe code is fairly robustand supports a wide range of secure sharing protocols, and the program also supports the use of authentication keys to ensure file transfers between scanned computers. This allows you to generate private or public keys and use them when sending confidential data packets. You can also import existing keys with a complicated look. Although this tool has different features, it has several drawbacks. One of them is the number of features available, which makes it amazing for beginners. Another drawback is that it does not support scripts, so developers who prefer scripts for their sessions may not get what the PuTTY virus looks like? No, this program is not a virus. In fact, it is known for its SSH client process, through which users can send confidential information without worrying about whether it is safe to use PuTTY? Open source software does not contain malicious content and is safe to download and use. It offers various security protocols as well as cryptographic ciphers for data security, and should I install PuTTY on Windows 10? Installing it on Windows 10 is quite simple. After downloading, open the group of files that you come across and select the program. The program will start opening the configuration window. Here you will need to enter your network connection information, hostname, and other similar information. When you’re done, click on the holes and start using alternatives? There are many alternatives to this tool, but not all of them offer the same features as this app. HyperTerminal Private Edition HTPE offers emulation, and WinSCP is suitable for data transfer. SecureCRT offers both emulation and data transfer via secure PuTTY download? PuTTY is an open source software that offers many features. You can useit to emulate another operating system or to securely transfer data, even over a public network. The application uses various file transfer options, such as SSH, SCP and Telnet, to maintain the integrity of the transfer protocol. For added security, it supports the use of authentication keys, and the cryptography program ensures that unauthorized users will not have access to sensitive information. The free download program also has a command line interface useful for advanced users. Therefore, if you are looking for these features on your Windows device, downloading this tool is a great choice!

Windows 10 Gamer Edition Enterprise x64 20H2 May 2021 Team-LiL download torrent

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Windows 10 Gamer Edition x64 2004 20H2 En-Us May 2021 Team-LiL


Made of lil-fella (Team-LiL)

Digital license activation for Windows 10


Disable automatic activation and installation of the CMD activation document.

If you find that it is not activated?

Make sure you are online and not behind a VPN

In Control Panel, go to System and click Start Windows

and wait for it to start. maybe even click Troubleshoot

already has Windows Store Browser and Edge

Added build

Microsoft Windows updates

Microsoft system –

Traditional game features directly

Microsoft XNA system redistributed

Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005-2019 (x86 x64)

Straight 9-12

K-lite mega

WinRAR x64

Lively game


Winaero Tweaker

You know

Open the Start menu shell + additional skins

UltraUX controller

Other topics

Portable devices (in car C)

Blue screen view x64

CPU-Z 196

Double driver

The file editor hosts +158


Nvidia reviewer

System classification

WhatInStartup x64


WiFi power

Power plan Final power setting


Cortana, telemetry


Classic GUI – Enable the Classic Action Center interface

Classic GUI – Let the battery interface fly out

Normal interface – Activate the normal calendar interface

Classic GUI – Enable a standard interface for voice control

Classic interface – Enable Windows standard image viewer

Shortcut menu – Activate the editor to open profile files

Browser – Disable ads and notifications

Browser – Disable user control

Browser – Add an icon cache to 4 MB

Explorer – run in a different process

Modern user interface software – Disable Cortana

Modern interface – application – Disable Cortana Web Search

Modern interface – software – Disable OneDrive integration

Advanced UI – Reduce the installation speed of modern UI applications

Modern user interface – Reduce the screen spacing of the lock screen

Start menu – Disable recently added applications

Start menu – Disable comments for recommended UI applications

Disable the maximum system width

System – Enable a large system cache

System – Improve disk scan time (5 seconds)

System – improve shutdown speed

System – Improving Windows Shell Answer

System – Reduce desktop startup program startup delays

Taskbar – increases transparency

Features removed / disabled

3D builder

3D printing

3D viewing

Modern user design – Bing Money

Modern interface – eat and drink

Modern interface – health and equality

Modern interface – Bing News

Modern interface – Bing games

Modern interface – Bing Transport

Modern swimming climate


Number (people)

My people


3D color


3D printing

Retail presentation


Windows Phone

Your phone

Zune music

Zune Video


OneDrive files as needed

Save your OneDrive backup online

User experience integrated into telemetry

Services are disabled

Telemetryuser experience – disabled

Spooler click

Telephone service

Printer support services

Submit your workflow service

OOBE Wizard (updated)

Domain administrator account

Direct registration

Username = PLAYER

Password = PLAYER

File information management straight

Select the language when starting the installation

Select the installation drive from your computer drive

wait for installation.

A GAMER administrator account will be created automatically

The desktop should be entered automatically after installation

Credit: from activation certificate

Windows Adddict Microsoft Activation Program

ISO IMAGE = used GB compression

MD5 = E6B3FBEAE5151CC3E60770B8BA3263BF

SHA-1 = 8863B7026832F3BA41B90A01B70C086A3BD65F24

Visit our Discord channel and comment

After installing our version of Windows and playing games with it

Leave a comment inside

Feedback from Win-10 players

The dispute URL is in SOMA

torrent files

Google Docs x64-x86 download free torrent

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Google Docs – Save Forever Google Docs is part of the Google product group available in the Google cloud. It is an online web platform that allows you to create and edit documents and more. Projects in Google Docs are stored in Google Drive for live collaboration. All the functions needed to write and edit documents are available for this, do we need them? Google Docs is a great tool for writing, editing, collaborating, viewing, sharing, and creating documents. It is highly integrated and compatible with other Google products and easily accessible via Google Drive. The features in Docs are extensive, and everything you need to create a document is easily accessible, from basic editing functions to review and online work functions to extracting files otherwise (feature () {(‘review -app-page – desktop) ‘); What are the benefits of Google Docs? This online software has changed the way we work. With each passing year, its use in professional conditions is becoming more and more normal. People now prefer to share links to Google Docs rather than attach Word files as before. Editing and collaborating in Google Docs is very easy, and since multiple users access them in real time, it’s easy to edit the same document without repeating and share multiple versions of the same file. This reduces the time and effort of viewing and approving files dramatically, and changes can also be made in real time to speed up turnaround times. It is a very productive and powerful program that is intuitive and easy to use. It is simply the best tool to use as a personal masterpiece. For projects that take longer, Docs is the place to work. You can keep the same project in Drive that you can work on at any time. It also eliminates the need to work on one specific device at a time as Google accounts are synced across devices. The file can be found anywhere you log into the associated account. What doesn’t work with Google Docs? Sometimes Google Doc files are not compatible to be loaded and a format change occurs when the file is transferred from the format to the actual software. While you can set up documents to work offline, Google Docs works best online, which can be a problem if you don’t have a busy connection or network. This, too, is still not the norm in many professional work environments, but it is changing rapidly. How does this relate to Microsoft Word? For most of us who are already used to using Microsoft Word, we are so familiar with this program that we use it almost twice. Google Docs is fairly intuitive and easy to use, but has a different interface to the regular Word documents we use. Collaborating on Docs is much easier because it can be done in real time and doesn’t require multiple versions of the same working file. Since Docs files are stored in Drive, accessing them from any device is not a Microsoft Word file, which is only stored on the device you create, unless you share it with someone else.who shared it or you manually save it to the cloud. . Other software like Evernote, OneNote etc. is also an alternative but incomparable with features found on Google, last word in Google Docs? Google Docs has changed the way we professionally process documents. The software is fully integrated with Google products such as Google Mail, Drive, Pages, Calendar, Contacts etc. making work very easy to use thanks to various Google Family features. The job can be found there everywhere and all you have to do is log into your Google account. Real-time collaboration is also one of the main reasons it works so well. The program has revolutionized the way we work and has greatly facilitated professional and long-distance cooperation.

Windows 7 10 X64 21in1 OEM ESD pt-BR AUG 2020 {Gen2} torrent downloaden

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Windows 7 10 X64 21in1 OEM ESD pt-BR AUGUST 2020

Bühnenversion von 2004

* Datei:

* Größe: 7,84 GB

* Format: Ausführbare ISO-Datei

* Quellinformationen sind in einem separaten TXT-Format enthalten

* CRC32: 3d3691c3

* MD5: 4b7719b178efe4cb82b2ec01ce1160da

* SHA-1: 262293e4ecf5cb1381f655c03d6b46f0a73f94c4

Eingebaut / vorinstalliert:

* IE11 DirectX-Endbenutzerverhalten (Win7)

*. NET-Framework

* Nur wichtige Aktualisierungen des Sicherheitssystems – 2020-08-11

* Schornsteinwartung:

* KB4570334

* Aggregierte Updates:

* KB4566782

* NET-Framework

* Aggregierte Updates für

* NET-Framework und:

* KB4569745

* Flash Player-Sicherheitsupdate:

* KB4561600

Komplette Bestandsaufnahme / Installation:

* Verteidigung aktualisieren

* SPRACHE: Brasilien

* Windows 7 Home Premium – STD / DAZ / OEM

* Windows 7 Professional – STD / DAZ / OEM

* Windows 7 Ultimate – – – STD / DAZ / OEM

* Windows 7 Enterprise – – STD / KMS

* Windows 10-Startseite – – – – -STD / DLA / OEM

* Windows 10 Pro – – – – -STD / DLA / OEM

* Bildung für Windows 10 – – -STD / DLA

* Windows 10 Enterprise – -STD / DLA

* STD = Standardinstallation – für diejenigen, die einen eigenen Lizenzschlüssel haben

* DAZ = Mit DAZ Loader aktiviert

* KMS = KMS_VL_ALL aktiviert

* DLA = Digitale Lizenzaktivierung (HWID)

* OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) arbeitet automatisch

* Aktivieren Sie die vom Hersteller installierte Originalversion.

* UEFI verfügbar

* (Verwenden Sie die Rufus USB-Anwendung, um UEFI herunterzuladen.)

* Diagnose- und Wiederherstellungstool (Microsoft DaRT)

* auf Wiederherstellungsformat komprimiert ()

* Erstellen Sie einen bootfähigen USB Rufus (sehr zu empfehlen),

* (mitgeliefert) oder langsam auf DVD-DL brennen.

* Windows_Addict, Autor des Windows-Aktivierungsskripts

* Ich hoffe, Ihnen hat diese Version gefallen!

* Grüße

* Generation2

The Education of Fredrick Fitzell 2020 KAT movie torrent

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After a random encounter with a man forgotten from his youth, Fred literally and metaphorically travels back to his past.
Writer Christopher MacBride:
Christopher MacBride stars:
Dylan O’Brien, Maika Monroe, Amanda Brugel | After a random encounter with a man forgotten from his youth, Fred (O’Brien) literally and metaphorically travels back to his past. Gradually, he begins to unravel a long hidden mystery about a missing girl, a drug called Mercury, and a terrifying creature that has now followed him into adulthood.

The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 Chick With Subs free torrent

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Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy high-end stockbroker, to the collapse of crime, corruption, and the federal government.
Authors Martina Scorsese:
Terence Winter (screenshot), Jordan Belfort (book) Stars:
Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie | In the early 1990s, Jordan Belfort joined his partner Donna Azoff and founded the brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont. Her company is growing rapidly from 20 to over 250 employees, and her status in the shopping community and Wall Street is growing exponentially. So much so that companies use them to make public offers. As their status increases, so does the amount of substances they abuse, as well as their lies. They attract attention like no other and organize luxurious parties for their employees when they hit the jackpot in the field of high-end handicrafts. This ultimately leads to Belfort appearing on the cover of Forbes magazine titled “The Wolf of Wall Street.” With the FBI on Belfort’s trading plans, he comes up with new ways to cover his tracks and watch his fortune grow. Ultimately, Belfort proposes a plan to keep his money with a European bank. But how long if the FBI considers them hawks, Belfort and Azoff will be able to maintain their refined wealth and luxurious lifestyles?

Microsoft Word 2013 32-Bit

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Important Note: Microsoft Word 2013 is no longer a button to download this program that will redirect you to the latest version of Word. You can also find the Premium version and create your best work with the Office version, which is also available, click here to start your 30-day 2013. The latter is a Microsoft word processor, which is part of Office 2013. Performance improvement over the previous version is not that you liked the ribbon interface introduced in Office 2007, then you will not like Word 2013. The tape interface has returned, but has been improved. Menu options have been moved to make commonly used features more accessible. The ribbon menu options have received aesthetic updates to make them easier to distinguish, and there’s also the “Touch Mode,” which makes Word 2013 much more comfortable to the touch than previous versions. This mode is only available if you have touch-sensitive equipment. The buttons become larger, making it easier to choose the welcome screen; has been redesigned to be more useful. You can view recently opened documents as well as many new templates. There is also a search box at the top where you can search for more templates online. This is extremely convenient, as Word 2013 does not include all types of image formats, it is now much easier because Word 2013 can attract photos from your Flickr, Facebook and SkyDrive accounts. Word 2013 also allows you to search for images with a Creative Commons license with Bing. There are also new guides to greatly facilitate the placement and size of images in Word support, and it has also been significantly improved in Word 2013. PDF files are already open in Word as if they were Word documents. You can convert Word documents to PDF, which retains the format you created. Convert and open PDF files from Word 2013 to Word 2013 allows you to download applications. Microsoft has an Office application store where you can download and install various productivity tools, such as a dictionary. While some apps are useful, take up screen space, and don’t work well with multiple documents at once, with Word 2013 it also became easier. You can still keep track of changes, but if you have an Office 365 account, comments can be synced with everyone so everyone can work together if the document has access to the latest version. Comments can be marked as clear and will be dimmed, which means you are less satisfied with your current word processor, there may not be enough new features to make the upgrade to Word 2013 convincing. Word 2013 still offers updates and additional features that make it the best version of a word processing program to date.